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Distributing EDucation


A platform to distribute educational resources online, which will be freely available to anyone. The aim is to facilitate equal access to education for all, with a cutting edge tech stack.

Changing Education


Developing an educational gaming system that uses Artificial Intelligence in real-time to strengthen the users neural pathways responsible for logic, reasoning and memory.

Funding Social GOod


Facilitating zero-fee automated trading for non-profit funds, to maximise long term effectiveness of donations for social welfare.

How? WIth Research.

Coeus AI

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development with the goal of completely changing the way we learn, teach and strengthen neural pathways.

No Cash Donations

Due to our strict no-compensation policy we currently do not accept cash donations.
All of this is due to volunteers.

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Contributing Code

All our engineers have donated their time by contributing to our open source repositories and you can too.

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Anyone Can Contribute

If you want to contribute as a designer, engineer or copy writer then feel free to contact us. We take all kinds of volunteers.






Lines of Code



DOing it right

Finding the people who really care.

We pride ourselves that everyone from our directors, designers and engineers are volunteers who just want to make the world a better place. The Muses has a strict no compensation policy for managers and directors to to ensure every resource available to us is used for good.

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We don't Hoard IP

Fully Open Source

Since we believe in an equal right to access information, every line of code we have written has all been open source. We encourage others to learn from us and try to do what we do even better in the future.

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